Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Low Rivers Rise: Calm Before the Storm and a Season Start to Remember

South Branch Raritan near Flemington--I once caught a smallmouth under that trunk. The other river is the Lamington taken from the iron bridge over Cowperthwaite Road. In Chester, the head of this second river mentioned flows by the name Black River because the water is tannic, unique among Highlands rivers. When it becomes the Lamington well below the Black River Gorge, the tannic acid is washed out. 

Those guys are enjoying the low water conditions everyone's complaining about before the rivers become mad torrents, when the Nor'easter hits Saturday or Sunday.

With any fortune, levels will calm down enough for excellent salmon egg drifting for us next Wednesday on the North Branch, unless my son has a ball game. Not a complaint! Just have to sway with the turns. 

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