Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Preparing for the Reef and Beyond

I research gear online and in shops, but I never forget Pat McDermott, back when I worked for Affinity Federal Credit Union. He led the Business Development Department, and on occasion, we talked fishing. Those years happened to coincide with Chris Lido's role as Managing Editor for The Fisherman. While I submitted articles to him, his good friend, Pat, was in earshot of me almost on a daily basis. They grew up together near Califon.

Before my family's 2012 trip to the Florida Keys, I told Pat that I was going to look into buying jigging rods. He told me immediately, "Shimano Trevela." I did my homework online and bought two: one for me, one for Matt. I felt amazed when they arrived. The tips are light. The butt diameter not much. And yet they're rated for 50- to 100-pound test Power Pro. I recently bought Penn Fathom high speed conventional reels. They have a 7.1:1 gear ratio so we can butterfly jig at top speed. (And slow, too. I'll get worn out!)

In 2012, we mounted Penn Squall reels on the rods, but the 4.3:1 gear ratio is too slow. I stupidly denied that, or rather, I believe I was thinking $159.00 each is doable, but twice that, no. In either case, a refusal on my part to think further. Money never matters as much. Turns out the Fathom reels normally cost about $275.00 each, but I found a couple for $182.00. Wind forbade us passage to the reef and beyond in 2012 anyhow.

Tonight I checked United Airlines baggage restrictions. I can carry on my camera bag. And the Trevala rods have butt ferrules. Without that, the 62-inch linear restriction for the rod tube would be a problem. Since the oversize penalty is about $200.00, I don't plan on us taking our six-foot stand up rods. I haven't felt they're very important. Besides using light tackle on the reef itself--snappers & such--we plan on jigging. True, it would be interesting to rig ballyhoo. We might go ahead and do that with the jigging rods, just for variety's sake, and while a stand up rod would be better for bait, for $200.00, it's better to just mess around, if we use bait on big fish at all. Another use for the stand up rods is tarpon inshore. For tarpon, we do plan on bait, but again, while our pool cues would lend more power behind the 80-pound braid on our Penn Squall conventional reels, we can go ahead and shake up our nerves, instead.

It could be my stubborn stupidity again. The boat will cost about $1200.00; why not pitch in another $200.00? Well, I might have to buy an additional rod tube, haven't tried to fit all four rods plus others in the one. And it might be wise to phone United before showing up with something that doesn't meet restrictions.

We'll save the stand up rods for trolley rigging off the end of Avon Pier in the future sometime.

Thursday, November 28, 2019

Thanksgiving Trout Try

Happy Thanksigiving!

It wouldn't be the first time I've harvested fish on this day for the dinner. Matt and I fly casted the North Branch Raritan at 202/206, catching up on things and having fun at getting good casts far back under the bridge, where there's got to be some trout. 

I told him about the trout that darted out from the dark and took a worm I drifted in during November, a 16-inch rainbow I lost at the bank, when a big trout broke water furiously to our right.

Why? Who knows. It's cold out. And very windy. So it surely was a trout, rather than any other species. 

Wednesday, November 27, 2019

RV Update

Ramp up the share numbers, guys. Here's an update anyone can find on the web:

Project Update

Friday, November 22, 2019

Missing My Buddy Mike

Went down memory lane tonight, beginning with my handwritten fishing log, then this blog, reading posts from 2011 and 2012. My son was a boy, now a man. No problem there, we'll fish, but now that I've re-emerged in our present time, noticing that I blew most of my chance to continue working on my book tonight, I miss my buddy Mike.

His porch was a fish-hub for a couple of years. Now it's all mechanic's tools. Praiseworthy. He makes money.

Once, he spoke about a couple of the guys prominent on the local fishing scene, and I had the opportunity to say something about my own abilities not matching there's. I've got some savvy at getting published, which I began to figure out successfully when I was 16 years old, and I did fish almost every day then, besides, but any of you who read my blog know I don't fish every day now, and I don't catch as many and as big as some around here do, either. When Mike contradicted my self-effacement, it did feel good.

But two years later, I realize the status I enjoyed in that moment really belonged to Mike's porch. 

Winter Trout Stocking This Coming Monday & Tuesday

I was telling Fred I've heard of some ice fishing for them on Mount Hope Pond, and I wondered if any goes on at Amwell Lake. But Fred doesn't ice fish, anyway.

I think the December issue of The Fisherman is available at places like Quick Check now. My article on ice fishing safety might interest you.

Winter Trout Fishing in New Jersey

Monday, November 18, 2019


If you want a relay, this one's from the album:

Sound Chaser

Link to that Article on Fishing Slowing Time

Judging recent share numbers, a lot of you might like it better if the blog was just a link relay. Won't give you the pleasure. I like to write. Even if I just imagine a reader. Lol.

Here: Bassmaster