Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Plastic Worm Tip for Largemouths: Fishing at a Fast Pace

 Plastic worming is fishing slow? Not necessarily; this is only the presumption and the tendency, since especially fishing a weightless worm requires slow descent and a long patient retrieve. But today the initial drop is about all I allowed, reeling the Chompers in quickly to move on after letting the worm sit a moment. Since last year it's been coming to this at 18-acre Mount Hope Pond. You want to take your time with a worm, but think about it; how often does the hit come on that initial descent? In my experience most of the time.

No need to be traditional and patient, I got the worm to more bass, catching four within my lunch break. Of course, this is much easier to do now that I'm familiar with this pond. In any event, the way to up tempo is to be sure you don't waste opportunity, which goes both ways. It's wise to twitch the worm a few times in some spots. Takes intuitive judgement, which comes with experience and willingness to practice.

I did fish the southwest corner and caught one there. The others hung along the fast breaking west shoreline. I should be back next Tuesday.

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