Tuesday, May 22, 2012

19 inch Largemouth Bass Round Valley Reservoir

A largemouth of about 19 inches occupied me for 10 or 15 minutes. Gin clarity allowed me to watch it 10 feet down and about 20 feet out. I tried the seven-inch Chompers and a Strike King Wacky rigged. Demonstrated that you can move a lure right by a bass, further away, initial drop just past its nose (spooked), etc., and if it's not interested and you can't see the fish, the situation is as if no bass are around at all. Obvious thought, but it really made me feel that no matter how carefully I fish a worm, sometimes no difference results with a bass there. 

Caught a 10-inch bass I had spotted in close, tossed the Chompers to several times, no interest. Then I cast the Chompers 20 feet further out, let it sink half way, and slowly worked it back with subtle tip twitches. Sure enough, once the worm came into range, the bass turned and cruised right for it, took, and I set quick. Released it right away.

Caught a nice buck at Mount Hope yesterday I got right back in too. 

This bass measured just under 19 inches, caught the previous year at Round Valley Reservoir

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