Monday, July 2, 2012

Fly Fishing Smallmouth Bass North Branch Raritan River

 Fly fished smallmouth bass for less than an hour on North Branch Raritan at AT&T World Headquarters, catching a couple. Pursuing smallmouth seems to be a fine way to practice, as I'm still a novice fly fisherman. I found getting the stonefly nymph right against an undercut bank very difficult, but made one cast that got the beadhead about two inches from getting caught on the brush, and several other casts or more got it close.

The river's in beautiful shape: clear, cool water that seemed every bit as fine as the Paulinskill Friday, but no trout spotted.

Walking out, I saw a young fly fisherman casting beautifully between the bridges.

If I put music to go with this post, the song would be "Green Eyed Lady," by Sugarloaf. But the eyes look more aquamarine blue than they did while on the stream. Ocean's lady.


  1. Everyone on my moms side of the family fishes. I was brought up fishing, but I just read something about John I Dickerson Alpine Capital and now I want to try fly fishing. It sounds like so much fun!

    1. When I tried to reply before there was some glitch. Hope you have tried fly fishing or will try it.


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