Saturday, August 25, 2012

Manasquan Inlet Fluke and Seabass on Killies

I have to confess that my motive to go today, all the way down to Seaside Park, then up Route 35 to Brielle and Manasquan Inlet, was as much to get an issue of Lake Ontario Outdoors at Betty & Nicks and two pints of killies for smallmouths, as it was to fluke fish, although I was completely open to letting the fishing take me. But by the time we had eaten on the boardwalk and taken our time to get to the inlet, we had only two hours to fish. I could have stayed longer, but right now I'm glad I have the magazine to read since I want to write for it.

We each got a fluke by simple 1/2-ounce steel egg sinker rigs, size 2 hooks on 15-pound flouro, and we caught scads of little eight and nine-inch seabass. Light spinning tackle. Matt's fluke, just under keeper limit, shook out of my hand. You see in the photo that Matt got at it down under the rocks, and he tossed it back safely. Fred Matero recently caught 75 fluke here at the inlet within a single tide. I didn't expect to catch anything like that many, and I was glad we each got one at least.

I lost something really good sized. That especially made me want to stay longer. Unlike so many activities we do enjoy, but move on from casually without a thought to looking back, we often regret having to quit fishing for the day.  

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