Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Speed Plastic Worming for Largemouth Bass, Smallmouth Bass, Pickerel

Fished my local pond after sunset with Senko-type worm, only lure I brought along. I caught this bass on my second or third cast and had to leave the hook in the deep grisle that grips forage and forces it into the gullet. (It will rust.) Having brought no other hooks, I just took a minute to walk home and got some. I lost another good-size bass, average for this pond, and caught another retrieving the worm, rigged Wacky, at almost top speed while jigging the rod.

I've read about bass fishermen who swear by speed worming. This isn't the first time it's worked for me; I've caught a smallmouth bass and one or two pickerel, but I''ve never methodically worked a worm this way except to get it back quick to make the next cast. Since I usually arouse a bass on the initial drop, I tend to retrieve staight back after letting settle.

The purple flower cluster spindles are loosestrife. I really love this plant for its name, the word given it, but then again, the word has pointed my senses to the reality in a wilder sense than plant life alone. The yellow isn't golden rod, not sure what. I know of ironweed, but not iron rod.

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