Friday, August 10, 2012

Sunset Largemouth Bass on Spinnerbait

The bass struggled in place. The rod moved it slowly towards the bank by gentle, firm pulls, and just as I was about to swing the fish onto the grass, an eruptive thrashing welled water up with great intention as the head suddenly exploded rebelliously, shaking with lightning intensity, the spinnerbait thrown like a rock at my face. Never mistake a bass for a willess subject. They are powerfully vital with an awareness that if any intellect were present, it would throw thoughts of challenge our way. They do seem to enjoy the fight.

I fished maybe 15 minutes after sunset, the local pond, releasing four bass, all caught on a spinnerbait with what I feel is too slow an action. It cannot be retrieved at a moderate speed, only slowly, and even then it nearly buzzes the surface. But the swirl of one of these bass was so dramatic, I thought I had hooked a three-and-a-half pounder. 

Thank you, Twins and Fins, for the comment--great online name, kids and fish as perennial as weather. Maybe we will cross currents. 

Thanks also Mackenzie for your recent comment on fly fishing smallmouth bass. I've got to get over to the North Branch again and do some soon. 


  1. I like the twister tail modification on that spinnerbait. you can never be too creative!

    1. I tried a tube plastic as a trailer here recent & caught bass.


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