Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Angling, Ancient Druids and English Henges, Intuition and Modern Communication

Today at Round Valley I shot photos, full of ideas otherwise and enjoying every step I took on the earth that never betrays me, although ideas can; one needs to be careful and very smart. I sat on a stone. My camera near my lap, I adjusted settings to review recent shots. A bright idea dawned on me. I walked back to the car and wrote the following by hand. 

I've included some photos from my extended family's recent travels in England. This is simply becauase the Druids and their henges remind me of the primal intuitions we anglers enjoy. No, the alleged human sacrifices do not so remind me, and I'm not convinced they did that.

The Druids constructed henges to aid in their primitive intellectual comprehension of the cosmos. Stones reveal markings that point to star configurations (not necessarily constellations perhaps). Apparently, some of the Druids labored intensely to map the night sky. The henges are sorts of microcosmic enclosures. Within them, they ritualized knowledge gained.

The ancient Druids are profoundly distant from our modern times, but deeply respectable--apart from killing young girls, if they did. Respectable for intellectual aspirations. To say that an angler such as myself obtains intuitions anything like theirs would raise eyebrows. But I can speak for myself and say that if I lacked the ability to not only link my intuitions to our time, but transform them by a process made more and less effortless by discipline into modern, communicable form, then I would live in my own private Idaho. 

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