Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Reach the Goal; Let Time Follow

I've been fishing this spot for a long time now, and the pathetic shot I got of my rod today shows how it's starting to feel. True, when I walked down and crunched stone under my boots with a mild, sunlit breeze on my face, I felt wonderful. What a release it always is to breathe freely in a wild place. It makes me feel absolutely present in the moment like the taste of reaching a lifetime goal. Not that my life's goal is to go away and live in a wilderness, but it certainly involves getting out of wage work by publication earnings. That's just a dream, but it's impossible to achieve such a goal without belief.

It helps to state the goal in writing and publish that worldwide, too. As a matter of fact, I recall that a study was done at Princeton University, I think it was, which concluded that people who write down what they intend to do have better odds of achieving the intended result.

So another lunch break at Round Valley passes without trout. 

I spoke to a fly fisherman. "I didn't expect any, but who knows, lightning could strike. Perhaps I'll be appointed Pope, too." We laughed. If I remember rightly, I first fished here at Lot 2 on December 5th, and caught a 23 1/2 inch rainbow. I had fished at the main launch some since mid-October. Two more trout since: December 31st and January 3rd, back to back. The trick is to fish with three rods and spend some time. But I must have fished almost a dozen times about an hour each since January 3rd. It's slow going for everyone, but beautiful.

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