Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Round Valley Reservoir Heavy Wind Fickle Trout Fishing

Conditions seemed just right to have some trout action today at Round Valley Reservoir. John had fished for hours without a hit and I fished nearly two hours, also. The shiner's still alive. The waves really roll with heavy wind since the water is so deep and the swells build.

I bet the shoreline fishing in May is better for trout. By June it's all over; you need a boat. But I saw two 20-inch browns caught on shiners from shore while I fished for bass last year. I also saw two browns and a 20-inch laker caught last late February and caught a brown myself in weather a little less severe than today's. I guess I'll start casting spinners soon. In today's wind that would have been difficult, although with clouds of sediment stirred up by the wave action and settling back as many as ten yards out, heavy spinners that could be cast in the wind may have been effective, who knows. I know that a few bass in May run along the edges of browned water when wind is high.

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