Wednesday, April 17, 2013

North Branch Raritan River Nice Rainbow Trout and Using Salmon Eggs

Fished for half an hour by the second bridge, above the crowd for which the North Branch Raritan River at AT&T World Headquarters gets dubbed the Zoo. I stepped in among them to try just a few casts as I left, friendly people; it's only a joke about a feeding trough I've taken from also.

Sometimes the rainbows just don't feed the day they're stocked and today was one of those days. I caught two on salmon eggs, including this nice one around two pounds. It made the reel sing with two-pound test. I saw three other trout caught. More than several others fished in the range of the second bridge. Never saw any caught in the crowd, and usually on stocking days trout come in frequently. Missed one or two good hits, had taps from trout that didn't really take the egg.

Current moved faster than last week, water higher, just slightly off color, so I used two swivel pieces on my snap for weight, which was just about perfect. (I cut the swivels from snap-swivels and keep them on a safety pin attached to my vest.) Felt real good fishing for a few minutes. The second trout hit shortly after the big one, and I thought I was going to have some fun. I left before my mood would have slipped into the negative.

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