Tuesday, May 21, 2013

First Brown Trout on a Tiny Fly

Quickly released it by grasping the mouth and jaw since my hands were dry. Only trout I caught fly fishing around sunset, North Branch Raritan River. Found some risers and they wouldn't hit the #10 caddis, so I tied on a #18 ant, which this trout took and no more. I noticed risers upstream as darkness began to fall. The rising steady, not so many as last Friday fed.

I need to use a headlamp. Perhaps one or two of these fish would have hit the larger fly. At least I could have seen a parachute #10 on the surface, not by shining the headlamp on it, but with enough light left in the dusk.

Fly fishing can get complicated. I also need to bring along reading glasses to tie these flies on. It felt good walking out, as it had as I approached the spot where I caught the brown. Felt glad I caught one.

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