Sunday, May 26, 2013

Fly Fishing Big Flatbrook Roy Bridge Woolly Bugger Streamer

Roy Bridge was our first stop, although we made the turn onto NPS 615 from what began as Mine Road. The first mile or so of driving offered a lot of pull over options I passed up. My wife did get a license and tried some fly casting, and as you can see, my son has a laid back attitude. I couldn't fish as aggressively as I could have alone or with someone who would have been there to really fish.
The water was in as good a shape as it appears in the photos, plenty clear, not too high, and plenty cold, cold enough to have numbed my feet in wading shoes without waders, just a pair of shorts. I believe it was in the 30's up there last night. And it was cold today, not much above 60, if that.
I love going up there; the mountain setting has a lot of range and you find yourself driving through a different sense of time without words grabbing your attention as advertisements infect roadways just about everywhere else in the state, affecting the sense of busy-ness and time. But when I have managed to go up there and fish, I've never had the opportunity to really fish hard at length for hours on end. My novitiate lack of fly casting skill is still evident by having lost a good brown or rainbow that popped my blood knot--I guess the difference of line diameter between the tapered leader and the tippet should have been heeded with more care. Trout do hit streamers hard, I find. I missed three hits on  a beadhead black and brown Woolly Bugger. Caught one rainbow on same. I suppose really walking the stream for a mile or so and back might bring interesting results if you know how to fly fish in the first place.

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