Friday, May 17, 2013

Round Valley Reservoir Bass Fishing Awakened

 Had little over half an hour to fish, tried Round Valley Pond first without a hit. Water's clearer than last year because suspended algae and other particles that obscure a more fertile water than the reservoir haven't grown due to chillier weather. I missed a hit in the reservoir, then caught this single bass on the next cast, which may have been the same fish, on eight-inch Chompers worm.

Now that it's May 17th, I have two more days inside the region of the park that closes on Memorial Day, but can still fish a few spots I know thereafter, and perhaps this year with the colder water, I'll catch bass into June. Knock on wood, but I see little harm naming the possibility. Who knows, there's the slight chance I'll show up on Memorial Day weekend too, but we have plans to fly fish the Flatbrook and investigate some lakes in the Ridge & Valley region one of those days. I love Round Valley this time of year. It is so much more positive and inviting than during the cold season, as much as I relish those harsh months for the solitude and hard efforts. I fished for over four months all winter and the edges of the other two seasons, and it was truly awesome, but in a very lonesome way. As often as not, I never saw anyone else during an entire outing. More than anything else, cold weather does not draw a warm spirit out into the environment from within, the way a warm, sunny day does. Fully aware of the range of my sight--even more so than now with warm weather--it was like seeing from the head more than feeling with the body.

Today I actually desired to swim in the Pond. With the stones gleaming in the sun on the bottom, I could almost feel them as I would barefooted, but that's not allowed. You have to use the swimming beach and only Memorial Day and after until Labor Day.

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