Thursday, May 9, 2013

Trying for Round Valley Bass, Spotting Rainbow Trout, Hearing a Songbird

The reservoir's not warmed enough for the bass yet. The pond on the right side of the dike is, but I got no hits. I tried both. The pond is some 25 feet deep at maximum; the reservoir 160 with half or so of its surface acreage over 80 feet deep. It's also gin clear. Depth and clarity mean it warms much slower than other waters like the pond next to it.
Spotted a 22 inch or so rainbow trout in the reservoir, swimming right against the rocks of the dike. A lot of trout were spotted by other anglers today, but no one caught any. About two weeks ago, I tried the pond in 53 degree rain and heavy wind. On my way out, I pulled into the gravel lot to snap a photo or two and an angler was at his trunk. They were catching a lot of small brown trout on spinners right off the launch dock, and one of the guys had just lost a five pounder. Today a lot of sun meant nothing like that was about to happen, and even the bass in the pond refused to cooperate.
I did get some interesting photos. And I had heard the pileated woodpecker back in the woods behind the pond, surely the same I heard last week, and possibly the same I spotted a year or two ago. I also heard a very interesting songbird that was not a wood thrush, but had the same depth of tone, so I was pretty sure it wasn't a warbler. 

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