Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Fly Casting for Paulinskill River Smallmouth Bass

Took my son to NJ Audubon Ridge Walkers, based at Mohican Outdoor Center. He'll be there into Friday. Plan was to take him Sunday, but he had sprained his ankle. The most strenuous hike they did earlier today. So Matt and I waited at the Center a few hours until they got back, going into town for dinner. A nice afternoon up in the mountains.

Fished the Paulinskill with my fly rod and a couple of bead head nymphs, but the sun had gone down and I couldn't sight any smallmouths. Had a real good time with my son in 2011 catching some bass on nymphs in the middle of the hottest afternoon in many years. It was over 105 degrees, much, much hotter than today. It was so hot we cut our plans short by two hours and swam in the river to cool off, exhausted by heat and desiring to drink the water (we didn't). I tried for 40 minutes or so this evening, pleased with my casting, catching a couple of sunfish and a rock bass. The bass gave a fair little account of itself. I got control of casting quicker than I thought I would. It's not that I did no fly casting as a boy and teen, but I've always had that notion hanging over me, which is commonplace, that fly casting is a difficult art. Basically, you need a wrist that knows where to put the line, and it's not all that difficult to do.

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