Friday, August 23, 2013

Pamlico Sound Sea Trout Shallows

Pamlico Sound near the Outer Banks' shores is shallow and wadeable, but beware of crabs and sting rays. A ray more than two feet across nosed right in front of me, and I was ready to brandish my rod against it. I came with only my medium power St. Croix, a Rapala number 9 floater, my camera, and the first hand knowledge that sea trout, relative to the weakfish we catch in New Jersey, frequent the edges on calm sunsets. I witnessed an angler catch one after another feeding on schools of baitfish--not big specks but fine on light tackle--near Rodanthe on a return trip back to New Jersey a few years ago.

I encountered some baitfish but no gamefish. A few small something--or-others swiped at my Rapala at the surface, but I suppose they were lizard fish about six or seven-inches long. Found the hermit crab--photographed his mobile home. Got my left big toe pinched by another crab.

I had found a turn-off from Route 12, Ocracoke Island--most of this island is wild--to a trail that only allows 4 wheel drive by permit. I walked the half mile or more and the bugs weren't bad at all. The solitude felt exquisite. Anyone worth such experience should go for it.

 Pamlico shallows are grassy in large patches.
 Pamlico sunset all to myself. Duck blind on the horizon.
That hermit crab's hide-out.


  1. Lovely! Surprised me to see it was salt water I was looking at!

    1. One of many places on the planet to spend a lot of time if you have it.


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