Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Portsmouth Island Boat Tour Good for Flounder & other Gamefish

Some who take the Portsmouth Island tour boat from Ocracoke bring along fishing rods, and the news I have to share is that flounder and other gamefish species are available in the inlet from shore. The pinfish tore up my shrimp & squid at first. I put on a big piece of cut bait and caught my first flounder by casting a two ounce bank sinker, three-way swivel rig. When the tide shifted, the pinfish vanished, but I still managed to catch a drum of some variety, what we call a kingfish in NJ. Then the tide went out with a strong current through Wallace Channel--it virtually runs right along the shore--and I caught more flounder drifting that two-ounce sinker, baiting up with whole shrimp and squid heads.

We also did some swimming, beach walking, and shell collecting. Matt found a Scotch bonnet in perfect condition and an olive shell also without flaw. Four hours we allowed for plenty fishing and these other family activities besides. It did make me want to spend a lot more time out there. The vastness of the clouds gives you the sensation of almost being among them, as if the shore goes right to them and great distance is connected right where you stand. I could spend days on the beach with just a tent, some water, food, fishing rod, camera, and swim shorts, but from what I've heard, the mosquitos hit the beach at night during the summer months.

Portsmouth Island, Inlet immediately left.
Community Dock, Ocracoke

Brown Pelicans nearly became extinct, early 1970's, due to DDT pesticide.

We came upon this out in the middle of Ocracoke Inlet.

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