Monday, August 5, 2013

Upper Delaware River Float Trip for Smallmouth Bass

We floated from five miles north to the Barryville bridge and between us caught 15 smallmouths, the largest about 14 inches. Impressed by the size of the bluegill I caught, it doesn't look so large in the photo. We caught a couple of fallfish--big silver chubs over a foot long--which I didn't mind catching. We've caught these members of the minnow family on Rapalas. Most of the bass hit synthetic leeches on jig heads, whether deep or shallow.

Another float trip without any really big bass. Wind came pretty strong from the north and while it would have been a problem from the south--paddling--it didn't help with positioning to cast, although we did use an anchor. Felt like October.


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    1. Forgot to hit reply. Posted a response below.

  2. Thanks. We go to Barryville first weekend in August each year. 2011 & 2012 posts you may find more informative, in the archive.


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