Monday, August 11, 2014

Day Mountain Hike: Carriage Trail Offers Great Shore Views after Trail Ascent

We set out on Tuesday, stopping at the National Park office, purchasing a topographic map of what Acadia offers. This was essential, and led us directly to Day Mountain after a lunch stop at the Wildflower Garden. Day Mountain is an easy ascent to 583 feet, think that's the exact count, although keep in mind the summit is very near the ocean, so nearly all 583 feet are the vertical ascent from trail head. Nevertheless, this wasn't Cadillac Mountain's 1500 plus feet, which Matt and I climbed by taking a more than four mile trail to the summit in 2008. Patricia had knee surgery several years ago, and she doesn't want to attempt anything that might be taxing. The length of trail rises not extremely steeply for about a half mile to the summit.

Rather than descend back down the trail we took up--Patricia finds descent more difficult--we walked about three and a half miles of the carriage trail, one of many given to the park by the Rockefeller family not long after the turn of the 20th century.

Carriage Trail reaches Day Mountain Summit

Matt picks blueberries.
Ocean edge photographed from the carriage trail near summit.

Park loop roadway from carriage trail near summit.
Spruce is common in Acadia, I think this is blue spruce.

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