Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Low Rivers, Round Valley Reservoir, getting some Rain

Didn't fish today, but scouted the Neshanic River (soft-clarity photo, above), South Branch Raritan, and Round Valley Reservoir, all at very low levels. Two inches of rain is predicted for tonight, and this will raise stream levels. I've never seen Round Valley Reservoir so low, but I'm sure some trout are being caught along its desert-like shorelines.

Lots of people are hoping for rain, but lets hope we don't get too much during the summers ahead. I read that meteorologists are expecting much wetter summers for New Jersey. My first concern in this respect is my summer smallmouth bass fishing. I like a stream low and clear. Smallmouths aggressive fish: a long cast reaches them unawares tending to result in furious charges from distances that surprise people uninitiated to this fishing. On the other hand, when small rivers run higher than normal and slightly stained, I have a hard time catching bass. 

That storm pipe is carrying more water now than when I photographed it this afternoon.

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