Thursday, April 9, 2015

Went after the Big One

Two guys fished in the spot where I lost the 16-incher yesterday. I went downstream, missed some hits, caught two. I forgot to replace the one-pound test Fireline with two-pound test monofilament. The line test isn't the problem. Fireline is composed of thread-like material that salmon egg oil gums up. I gave up on a good spot because casting became all but impossible. I could not quite get the eggs in the zone, and too many flew off the hook. With two-pound mono and about the lightest tip possible for a rod, the weight of a single salmon egg and no more than a snap without swivel is enough for most situations. And if a little more reach is needed, snapping on a second leader adds the weight of another egg.

Further downstream a fast run has produced a lot of trout in the past, but today not one hit. The casting distance I could manage without tearing the salmon eggs off the hooks sufficient, there just didn't seem to be any fish here.

A nice, short romp. When I get a chance, I'm going to strip off the expensive Fireline and replace it. I may be back for more rainbows on salmon eggs yet.

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