Saturday, June 20, 2015

Dog Hike to Butternut Falls, India Brook Park, Mendham, NJ

Thought up this family dog hike about eight months ago, but settled on this evening only yesterday. It's a nice little gorge in Mendham, a 20-minute drive from our house in Bedminster.

India Brook Park serves as entryway down and in. This stream is part of the North Branch Raritan River headwaters. Butternut falls are stunning. Not great, big falls like Passaic Falls in Paterson, but for a local woodland, very nice.

Matt started fishing right about the same time others arrived to swim. I urged him to continue, but as soon as he tangled his line, I knew it was no use, especially because we recognized the situation for us had got compromised anyway. I thought this evening would be perfect. About 67 degrees out, cloudy, no one would swim the 60-degree water. They did. I said offhand to Matt we can return in October.

After we got home, I mentioned again the possibility of a return sometime, and Matt suggested we use the fireplace at the head of the falls to cook. His mother had checked out the details and said we have to get permission from the township. So perhaps we'll get permission and do this sometime. 


  1. Hey great post - I really enjoy your blog. I'll be in basking ridge, nj for a few days, is there any spots you would recommend?

    1. North Branch Raritan is good smallmouth (Burnt Mills Road, Bedminster Lamington River Bridge...downstream confluence), Lake Hopatcong to the north 40 minutes--largemouth around docks, weeds, smallmouths rocky drop-offs, Round Valley Reservoir also if you have a boat (limited to 10hsp), but if you have boater safety certificate, you can rent from Dows Boat Rental, Hopatcong. Hopatcong's OK if you're persistent & you can click on the Hopatcong label in this blog for more info. Most of the smallmouths in N. Branch are small, but a few are 3 pounds plus, rare. If you just want an easy few, Sunrise Lake near Mendham & Morristown on County Road 510 has bass positioned under floating weed mats, if those are there this year. (Cast weightless plastic worms to edges.) It's only 3 acres & most small, 3-pounders rare. Out-of-state boater safety certificate I'm sure would be honored on Hopatcong...Email me if you need more info. Email's on profile.

    2. Thanks a lot for your reply! I was actually wondering if there were any ponds in the basking ridge/bedminster area that I could hit. I don't think I have enough time to make the trip to Round Valley.


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