Friday, July 31, 2015

Electric Brook Schooley's Mountain Park Morris County Parks Hike as an Electrician gets in Touch

We got to Morris County Park Commission Schooley's Mountain Park and found the trail leading beyond the chapel closed. At least that's what a rather unauthoritative sign says. No clue as to why. People like to be informed, and it gives us hope there's enough thought involved to solve a problem. Our hope is that the commission will soon repair whatever about the trail needs fixing. I really want to take my wife down to the Electric Brook Falls so we both can see them for the first time, and I can do some photography I really look forward to. The overlook beyond the falls seems interesting too.

Diverted, we found a trail down near the South Branch Raritan and enjoyed a little hike, including some mildly arduous climbing. Rocks slippery and tricky where I set up my tripod, I enjoyed positioning the camera, making sure I didn't goof up, and tending to Sadie our black Lab, who enjoyed the water and got pissed off when I moved the camera and tripod close.

All summer we've been trying to get up here on an evening after work. We finally have--but the falls elude us yet.

Instead of Patricia's favorite Old Mill Inn on the way back from Long Valley and into Chester Township, we ate at Roccos in Bedminster outside with Sadie. We didn't want to leave Sadie in the car, not even with windows down. Rather hot. Patricia ordered a huge clam pasta meal, and I pointed out that the clams with brown markings are Floridian Indian River clams. I harvested Indian River clams commercially during the winters of 1984 and 1985.

I got home and found one of my old clamming buddies had emailed with his phone number. "Call me tonight if you can." Turns out there's a reunion tomorrow, boating and fishing Long Beach Island. Not all of us will be on board, but quite a number. He apologized for short notice, but I'm just glad we got in touch. Next time we'll figure it out ahead of time. Have to work my job tomorrow.

He's an electrician.

Way back when, how long ago I'm not sure, an Electric Company functioned back in the woods, to give the brook it's namesake. And once upon a time, Barnegat Bay, Little Harbor, Great Bay yielded millions and millions of quickly reproducing clams. Don't we know it. Fertilizer, etc., has eliminated the ecology, clams gone.

Odd thing is, Barry lived across the street from me until after second grade in Lawrence Township some 60 miles from Long Beach Island. After my third summer treading clams, I lived alone on several bayfront acres, renting. Few of us treaded into the fall. On a foggy October morning, I heard and recognized Barry's voice as I worked in the water.

"Barry," I said. I couldn't see him.

A long pause. "Bruce Litton?"


"What are you doing here?"

Trish doesn't want Sadie to leave us and run with the coyotes.


  1. Water is sending invitation to me.

    1. Age 6, Indianapolis, IN, I heard the 5th Dimension open "Age of Aquarius," "When the moon..." and the way the word moon got emphasized, I was never the same thereafter.


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