Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Lake Hopatcong Knee Deep King of the Lake to Greet Fall

Usually in August, New Jersey gets a cold front that suggests fall to come. We've had a few cold fronts come through, but none of them with that crisp feel on my skin, anyhow. Today temperatures rose into the mid-90's, and it's been hot for days. Noel got out crappie fishing on the lake recently and caught only 20 fish, most of them crappies, but some other panfish mixed in. Laurie at Dow's Boat Rentals reports that the heat has slowed the fishing. Back in July, it seemed as if we would have another mild summer, but it's going out in blazes.

With any promise, I'll get out on the lake on a Thursday with Noel in a couple of weeks, although I don't expect to catch an eight-pound hybrid striper, or even a four to seven-pounder as Laurie reports recently caught on herring. Possibly in October.

Kids head back to school and boat traffic eases, but until that brisk breeze picks up at the end of the month, weekends will remain rather busy. Dow's will rent boats into November sometime. Just when depends on the weather. I find the fall fishing abruptly turns for the worse once that water gets into the 40's, but especially walleye remain vulnerable to herring, and vertical jigging technique. Anyone who wants to test pickerel as the weedlines recede can catch them on herring or live shiners right until the lake freezes. Fishing might be challenging, but catches are possible with truly big pickerel stalking the shadows.

Knee Deep Club hosts the King of the Lake multi-species derby on September 19th and 20th. Anyone can join the club for a modest fee and feel more a part of the lake community, possibly win cash prizes as well. Remember, if it weren't for Knee Deep, the lake's enhanced fishery with walleye, muskies, hybrid stripers, and bonus big trout never would have got the fast start the members made possible. Everyone's welcome here and Dow's is a great service for whoever has a NJ Boater Safety Certificate.

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  1. Funny thing. I opened the blog, read the title above, and realized it could seem self-serving. It was not intended that way at all. There's a number of guys on the lake WAY more deserving of that title, who catch a lot more big fish than I can dream of.


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