Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Nice Little Bass Pond

It's hot. Has been all month, and yet here in New Jersey, leaves change colors and drop like never seen before so early in September. It's a serious drought.

So with sun bearing down on most of the water when I walked in, I went to the left of this photo taken later when clouds obscured the light getting near the horizon, and placed my second cast in tannic water deeply shadowed. I set a moment after the take and soon released a 10-inch largemouth, hoping that dinks would not prove the overwhelming rule.

But what do you expect when checking out a little pond new to you in New Jersey? I bet everyone who fishes here--not many people--toss the bass back. Nevertheless, most ponds fish slow and the bass aren't big. Even if it's possible a single five-pounder does lurk out there. Somewhere. And even if the worm dropped down it's nose, it would turn that nose down.

I caught another 10-inch bass, fulfilling a very nice hour-and-a-half of fishing rather thoroughly in a casual way.

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