Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Neighborhood Bass Pond Fishing Pretty Well

Grabbed twenty minutes or so and fished the neighborhood pond after sunset, catching four largemouths on a couple of Senko-style worms, having just jaunted over a hundred yards from my doorstep. Two of them hit on the twitch, one of them socked it off the surface, and the largest of about two pounds or better took the worm on descent in my favorite hole at a big run-off pipe.

So it's fishing pretty well, despite that big fish kill last year, but not quite as well as it used to, and the bass are running smaller, two of them about a pound, another a pound-and-a-half. The recent big rain moved a lot of algae out; although the pond got chemically treated sometime ago, which wiped out the algae, it had started coming back. I don't fish here often, but I pay attention to the pond every day, walking my black Lab Sadie.

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