Thursday, January 19, 2017

Round Valley Reservoir's Fishing Organization Stocking More Trout

Round Valley Trout Association plans on stocking the reservoir with another 200 11 to 12-inch brown trout late in March, and we hope these fish will be accompanied by 100 golden trout 13 to 14 inches, as well as the remainder of whatever larger rainbows the Musky Fish Hatchery can supply.

The browns will exhibit RVTA 7 tags, and should be released, not that we have any jurisdiction over them, but we do have a moral purpose in mind, as ultimately we desire to learn something about their growing into trophy fish. Rainbows, on the other hand, typically die shortly after reaching 22 inches.

Club Recording Secretary, Zach Merchant, caught and released one of last year's browns I reported on early last year measuring 19 inches. This was many months ago. That is an impressive growth rate implied.

Any and all who have not joined RVTA, I encourage you to sign on, come to meetings, and learn something. If you're the sort who likes to make new connections with whom you share common purpose, the best route is to get involved in a club committee. You'll have new friends overnight.

Membership is only $25.00/year:

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