Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Fly Fishing March

Sometime in February each year, I feel March approach, the month always proving the process of spring's unfolding has begun. A few times, I've fly fished trout in March, and though I have fished stream trout successfully in February, I would have to consult my handwritten log to be all but absolutely certain I've never tried streams in January. For many years, this hasn't mattered to me, if during the last few or so, I've begun to think of doing this. Last winter, I thought of it a lot, but I never got out this January on any small river or stream, if perhaps next winter I will, or rather, when I get the time. And perhaps the boot-foot waders.

I think this March I will do it.

Over the years, I've caught a lot of bass in March. Quite a few in February also. This year, if things work out and I get an evening, I've learned the whereabouts of a pond nearby I've never fished, with bass present.

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