Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Rooting for another Summer Highlight

Day off. Downpour at 5:00 p.m. Believe plans are dashed. This much isn't: some time to read.

Considered a major effort today. Photographing Black River, Pequest River, Paulinskill River. (Pitching a magazine article for next year which will feature lots of photography.) That would be a lot of driving of course--and lots of time composing shots. If I could get around need of doing this, I would rather read, told myself. Except for a ride up to Chester. Set up tripod along Black River. So I opened just a few folders on my laptop late last night. I have photography of these rivers in spades!

So, Black River. But it's raining hard, and me & my family go see Dunkirk around 7 p.m.

Additionally, Matt & I plan on night fishing very early Saturday morning, 1 or 2 a.m. He and a friend fished a pond we keep secret the other day, just for five or 10 minutes, and Jason caught a bass over five pounds on a buzzbait.

Rain's stopped. Maybe I'll head up to Chester some morning soon to come. Getting on towards show time now.

Plan on a ride over to the Sporting Life on Route 22, Whitehouse. Need to stock up on bottom fishing supplies, since I'm going on a charter on the 10th. Want to swing by the golf club and visit Lenny on my way back.

It's a good summer. I'm not fishing all the time, but don't have to. Ride to Riegelsville & back just to buy eels about two weeks ago--a high point. I certainly would head up to Chester, if I wasn't constrained by the movie plan. And reading. There's time if I leave right now.

This much I know. Life is always ready to surprise, if someone just goes out to meet what might await, and likely does await. Outings never disappoint me. And like me, anyone else doesn't even have to expect much. He might be surprised if he just slips the right c.d. into the player while driving. At first, I thought it would be just an inconvenience to drive all the way to Pennsylvania and back for eels.

A summer highlight. No inconvenience that. So I hope you're braving the pull that tends to keep you reigned in to relative boredom and "ease," getting out and enjoying life when you can. Reading too, for that matter. I told a friend the other day who complained--so typical--of "no time." Time is relative. People who use that excuse aren't making efforts to get up and go, which aren't too hard to do.

Got a week off coming up. Should be interesting.