Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Looks Like Saturday

Laurie hasn't sent out a report, so not too many have been out on the ice, but she told me again this week it's six to eight inches thick at Great Cove. This is a pretty good season, since ice fishing's been going on since back in December. Other seasons have lasted well into March and whether this year's ice will last that long is yet to be seen.

Waiting on reply from Oliver Round. I want to ride up to Tilcon Lake Saturday. The lake is deep, mostly about 30 feet, and the shorelines drop steeply. We could have a problem with ice melt right at the edge. We could have any number of unanticipated problems, also, but I haven't fished for more than three weeks now, so I'm prepared to at least try.

Tilcon is not Hopatcong. Ice varies place to place. Plans Tuesday were to fish Hopatcong. Joe Landolfi apparently found he had to work to do at the last minute. We talked on the phone repeatedly and then lost touch, so he was surely busy. Had said he might be.

I could have gone alone. Mike was sick. But I got loads of writing done.

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