Wednesday, July 31, 2019

South Branch Raritan Flemington

Drove to the South Branch at Flemington to check and see if the flow is muddy. It's not. And so long as thunderstorms later today don't raise the level, Oliver Round and I are floating the river further north tomorrow. Water often gets released from Spruce Run Reservoir, raising the river level and muddying the water just enough to make fishing unproductive.

I brought a bucket with some leftover killies in it. I used some more than a week ago, when trying for fluke in the surf; the water they're surviving in is brine taken straight from the Atlantic. I thought I would have the change the water, but the fish are doing fine.

First cast to this long slow stretch behind a dam resulted in a little largemouth about nine inches long. I caught a longear sunfish, besides. I tried to access the river below the dam, but No Trespassing. Then I drove further above and found a nice hole below a rusted railroad trestle, but couldn't get a hit. I put a split shot on the line, too, after covering the area with a killie weightless.


  1. I past that spot this spring and thought about dropping the kayak in there. You, Oliver and me should meet for a float at the confluence of the N&S Branch sometime.. Fred

    1. The graph showed water coming down as fast as it went up, but how would we know it would be clear this a.m.? We fished Tilcon. Post coming. That's a good idea about the confluence. And I want to try down near Manville someday. Oliver and I were talking about how it's so hard to find time. At least New Jersey offers a lot to do.


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