Friday, June 28, 2019

Harmful Algae at Spruce Run Reservoir, too

Worse News than I Expected

A week or two ago, Jim Stabile sent me a NJ Herald article about the algae bloom that didn't rouse too much concern in me, because as reported then, it wasn't very extensive. What I just read makes me wonder if I'm headed to the lake in August, after all. Mainly, I worry about spray on a windy day.

I owe Laurie two seat cushions. They got placed in my trunk by mistake. I asked her if it would be OK for me to return them in August....

Thursday, June 27, 2019

Health Advisory Issued at Lake Hopatcong

Laurie Murphy:

We are still open, but as of this afternoon, the DEP has issued a warning to have no contact with Lake Hopatcong waters for swimming and other watersport activities and to not eat any fish caught out of the Lake until further notice. We are experiencing a harmful algae bloom with levels  quantified at or above the NJ Health Advisary Guidance.  The Knee Deep Club did hold their Largemouth & Smallmouth Bass contest this past weekend with 1st place going to Lou Marcucci with a 3 lb 11 oz largemouth. Second place went to Dave Pavoni with a 3 lb 7 oz Largemouth and a 3 lb 4 oz largemouth caught by Rob Bozik took third.  His son Jake took 4th place with a 3 lb 2 oz Largemouth, 5th place went to Steve Schilling with a 2 lb 13 oz Largemouth and 6 th place went to Patricia Pavoni with a 2 lb 3 oz largemouth. Each of the 6 winners also received a rod & reel combo donated  by Ramsey’s  in memory of Stu Lant. Some other notable catches included Tom Facciolla of Hopatcong with a 7 lb 14 oz walleye,  Jim Macaluso with a 7 lb 4 oz walleye, and Jerry Freeman with a 3 lb 4 oz rainbow trout. Jim Welsh also had several nice Hybrids, along with some perch and crappie and a smallmouth weighing 3 lb 1 oz. Please call the shop @ (973)663-3826 if you need more info on the blue-green algae bloom and on Knee Deep’s summer Hybrid Striped Bass contest, being held on Saturday July 13 and Sunday July 14 th. Have a great week...

Wednesday, June 26, 2019

"Living Shoreline" at Sedge Island

Sedge Island Research Center in Barnegat Bay behind Island Beach always recalls fond memories in me, because my son spent a couple of weeks there with New Jersey Audubon, when he was a boy. They went ocean-bound in kayaks, paddling from the bay out through Barnegat Inlet, this most impressive, but they also treaded clams. Ever since he was three or four, he wanted to go clamming. He had watched me as a two-year-old, while I treaded, his earliest memory. He still remembers leaning over the gunwale of the boat and imploring me to get back in.

We never clammed together, but he did it successfully with Audubon.

The link below is the latest from NJ Fish & Wildlife. They're building up the shoreline around Sedge Island.

Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Heavy Thunderstorm Changes Plans

A low thud woke me, and I quickly realized my alarm hadn't gone off. I was out the door three minutes later, rain beginning to break on dry pavement, lightning close. A minute later, I saw roadwork at the entry to I-287 in a downpour, so I made my way through Bernardsville to exit/entry 30.

I caught up with Brian at 5:06, six minutes late, and we had a look at the radar in light rain. The storm hadn't got there yet. I felt willing to sit it out, which according to the forecast would mean waiting until after 7, but Brian had only a couple of hours.

We would have fished in the rain, but the lightning close, casting with graphite rods would have made us fools, even if we didn't get struck.

I'm going to have a look at the North Branch Raritan on the way to work later. The ground is sodden from so much recent rain, so I'm sure these heavy downpours this morning are filling the rivers fast. The plan was to fish again early tomorrow morning for South Branch smallmouths.