Friday, November 22, 2019

Missing My Buddy Mike

Went down memory lane tonight, beginning with my handwritten fishing log, then this blog, reading posts from 2011 and 2012. My son was a boy, now a man. No problem there, we'll fish, but now that I've re-emerged in our present time, noticing that I blew most of my chance to continue working on my book tonight, I miss my buddy Mike.

His porch was a fish-hub for a couple of years. Now it's all mechanic's tools. Praiseworthy. He makes money.

Once, he spoke about a couple of the guys prominent on the local fishing scene, and I had the opportunity to say something about my own abilities not matching there's. I've got some savvy at getting published, which I began to figure out successfully when I was 16 years old, and I did fish almost every day then, besides, but any of you who read my blog know I don't fish every day now, and I don't catch as many and as big as some around here do, either. When Mike contradicted my self-effacement, it did feel good.

But two years later, I realize the status I enjoyed in that moment really belonged to Mike's porch. 

Winter Trout Stocking This Coming Monday & Tuesday

I was telling Fred I've heard of some ice fishing for them on Mount Hope Pond, and I wondered if any goes on at Amwell Lake. But Fred doesn't ice fish, anyway.

I think the December issue of The Fisherman is available at places like Quick Check now. My article on ice fishing safety might interest you.

Winter Trout Fishing in New Jersey

Monday, November 18, 2019


If you want a relay, this one's from the album:

Sound Chaser

Link to that Article on Fishing Slowing Time

Judging recent share numbers, a lot of you might like it better if the blog was just a link relay. Won't give you the pleasure. I like to write. Even if I just imagine a reader. Lol.

Here: Bassmaster