Friday, October 26, 2012

Rainbow Trout Round Valley Reservoir at the Surface

Each time I reeled the m & m (marshmallow and mealworm) rig in, the two marshmallows tore off the hook and floated to the calm surface, and trout took them within seconds. If flycasters could get the needed range, I think they would have caught rainbows left and right, possibly some browns by now too. As for everyone else with shiners under bobbers and m & m's floated off bottom, I heard of one trout caught.

We saw more than a dozen leap in an hour's time. And more that tailed at the surface over 10 or 15 feet of water like permit or bonefish on shallow flats. I've never seen this happen before. I've seen plenty cruise in very shallow water, but not oriented to the surface over the depths. 

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Enlightenment for the Sake of my Novels: Eternal History and Being Down to Earth

Put out a line at Round Valley Reservoir. In an hour's time I saw one rainbow almost caught. A couple of them cruised by in water almost too shallow to cover their backs.

Thought I might have to take a long hiatus from my work on the novel, but I came right back around after spending time in the 5th dimension or whatever you want to call it. About two months ago I told my brother Rick that I would be toast if I didn't fish. I really need to get my feet wet and I never complain that my boots stink. They seem clean as a whistle.

Some achieve enlightenment for enlightenment's sake, but hiking boots represent what is more important to me. Life on earth. I think of the entire event of the last week or so as having informed my novel; that's what it was all about. I intend to finish it and continue on with other works I have in mind. There was a lot more to the experience than I may put into words, but the point is that I do have a purpose as an artist rather than being someone divested of endeavor for the sake of God.  

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Drama of the Orange Monk: Temptation, Resistance, and Release

 Haven't fished since the 13th, with Landolfi. Thought I would put in a playful post that might make sense as a little game. No big deal, just a little fun.

Our featured animal in the photos is an oyster cracker, also known as an orange monk, related to monkfish prized for the table. Supposing that a monk represents certain possibilities, rather than that these ultimately existential realities are limited to monastic life, I have caught on film an analogy to a drama of force and temptation.

But look how our little fish came out of being surrounded in the attempt to get the hook out. I snapped a picture of a smiling orange monk just before the line was cut and fish released.