Saturday, May 4, 2013

Largemouth Bass: Warming Waters

I had fished bass at the Round Valley Pond a couple of times during the week. It was 53 degrees and raining on Monday. Something picked up the Chompers and ran fast, dropping it after it felt some tension on the line from my side, but it could have been a big bluegill and that was my impression, just don't have the certainty of recognition from the usual tip-tapping. Friday was in the 60's and still no action in the shallows. Once the 70's are really established, I'm certain bass fishing will be good. I avoid the nesting bucks and fish the outside edges for the lurking females. I fished deep with the Chompers and mini-King spinnerbait with the chill, nothing. A couple of small brown trout spun around the worm when I zipped it in for another cast while just checking the reservoir. I casted the mini-King and they weren't attracted to that at all.

My neighborhood pond is shallow and warms very fast. I couldn't tell if some bucks were guarding beds or not, but tend to doubt that with temperatures way down in the 40's last night. Water's murky. The 17-incher I caught was fat as a log. Also caught two about two pounds apiece, and two about a pound apiece. Sun was down and the mini-King had done it's attractions in 20 minutes or so. That's why I like to go to other places. It takes me two minutes to walk to this pond about the same length of time to catch five bass!

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Tilcon Lake Stephens State Park Largemouth Bass and Pickerel

 Wishbone contrails reflected on the lake. I had hoped to hook a lunker, of course. Second time I've fished Tilcon Lake, Stephens State Park. the first time we fished Senko-type worms without a hit. This time I brought along half-a-dozen shiners, since I imagined the water would still be chilly, especially early in the morning. Once a quarry pit, this lake is deep. Had about 45 minutes to fish, catching a bass and two pickerel.

Beautiful place. The mountains flanking the water make the scene. If it were flat land, it wouldn't feel the same. Quarry lakes exist in Indiana and each must be like an oasis. But the Highlands in my back yard always give my mood a vertical lift that flat land can't.