Friday, October 2, 2015

Round Valley Reservoir Rainbows Headed to Shore

Today I imagined rainbows would come in, since temperatures never rose more than a degree or two above 50, with some wind and cold rain helping to stir the cooler temperatures into that warm reservoir, warm to the touch, in fact, though I never took the surface temperature with a thermometer. I can't believe it's still warmer than 70, though.

So I drove over after work, stopped at Behr's to find the bait shop closed early, drove into Lot 2, took some photos, and decided thereafter to drive to Flemington for mealworms. And then I came to the main launch area and baited up with small marshmallows to float the mealworms, anchored by 3/4-ounce steel slip sinkers. I fished two rods, instead of fiddling with a third in the rain.

Nothing happened, which proves nothing. I still imagine rainbows are coming in. While I sat in my car, I read an article by Matthew Copeland, "This land was your land Federal transfers rob the American people" in the Outdoor Writer's Association of America magazine Outdoors Unlimited.

51 of U.S. senators have voted for wide-scale divestment of public land, and not one has been voted out of office. Public land is, of course, essential to this country. Imagine having to pay to fish the South Branch Raritan or any other public waterway. It may seem extreme to imagine anything coming to the likes of that in America, but it could be worse; we could be shut out entirely from most of our waters, similarly as access is extremely tight in England. But don't think this is socialism that threatens us. It's the Corporate State and the corporate privatization fomented especially on the right. If you want to fish, protect your self-interest and the heart and soul of America. "This land is your land; this land is my land."

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