Sunday, April 1, 2018


Wife and I went to the shore, visiting a brother of mine and other family members, getting back to Bedminster sooner than expected, but since the sun would be down behind trees before I could cast Bedminster Pond again, I decided to try over at the pond behind the development here, rather than compromise on yesterday, when the sun was still just in sight when I had arrived. A couple of years ago on a very warm April evening with some ominous cloud action above, I caught bass after bass on a spinnerbait, one of them about three pounds, others at least half that, despite that yet fairly recent fish kill resulting from ice frozen to bottom throughout much of the two or three acres.

Action this evening really slow for at least 25 minutes in total, my missing four or five hits from small bass, and then finally catching one not even 10 inches long, did at least bring a little resolution, although after fishing the wilder surroundings yesterday up the highway, I was acutely conscious today of that domestic grass I walked on, and the buildings filling out surroundings. Even so, I got over resistance enough to find meaning in working a Johnson spinner, having got curious about trying something different.