Friday, January 25, 2019

Think We Have Something of an Ice Season Ahead

Got an invitation from Brian Cronk to ice fish a private lake, the two of us exchanging messages as we planned ahead. And then we got more rain than expected. Since a creek leads into the lake, it's likely our Sunday plans are smashed perhaps like the ice cover itself. Brian and I have been trying to fish together ever since we fished Hopatcong in 2016 a couple of times, but circumstances keep jinxing us. Some things are definitely meant to be, but keep getting curtailed by unforeseen events cropping up in-between intentions. We'll get out and fish yet, I'm sure.

Other waters unaffected by flow are getting back into good shape. That was a warm heavy rain and it certainly eroded ice cover at these places too somewhat, especially along the shoreline edges, but ice had thickened to as many as eight inches over shallow lakes and ponds, and it's cold again, but be careful if you go out this weekend. I certainly can't tell you just how it is when all I'm doing is typing while I sit at home and judge from past experience.

But it is getting colder. Zero-degree temperatures are forecast next week to the north of where I sit in Bedminster. Lots of single digits besides. We'll see yet how cold the rest of February remains, but this is sustained cold in the relatively short-range forecast, and I think cold enough to ensure safety for ice fishing over deep water. Don't expect Round Valley Reservoir to freeze, but the pond there will likely be safe. It's 37 feet deep, and the day my son and I fished Budd Lake on four inches of ice, only an inch-and-a-half of ice or so covered Round Valley Pond. I've seen some pike photos since my son and I ventured out there on Budd more than a week ago, and, yup, I'm jealous. We didn't fish all day and best of all, we had a really good time. We had more sheer fun catching those pickerel on Round Valley Pond last year, though.

Another friend and I are making plans also, so expect a lively report on our ice fishing February 6th.

Wednesday, January 23, 2019