Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Atlantic Coast Shellfisheries Councilman has Died

My interest in shellfisheries stems from 13 years working self-employed in the business. I got out of it in 1993, when the clam population had crashed, but I remember mention of a depuration plant then. There's mention of it in this honorarium from the Division of Fish & Wildlife that follows. The death of Walter A. Hughes III doesn't appear to bode well for the business, given the void that might follow after all of his singular accomplishments.

We are sad to report the passing of current Atlantic Coast Shellfisheries Councilman, respected bayman and commercial shellfisherman, Walter A. Hughes III on March 6.

Walter began his career working with lobsters, scallops and later clams. In 1992, he and his partners opened the Clean Water Clam Depuration plant in Sea Bright, which allowed clams to be harvested from closed waters. This venture employed many shellfishermen since that time. He was involved in opening a second plant in 1995, J.T. White, in Highlands. Walter also owned and operated United Seacoast Corporation, a seafood distribution company.

Dedicated to the viability of the baymen he represented and the sustainability of marine resources, Walter served for 32 years on the Shellfisheries Council representing Monmouth County. He was first appointed to the Council in December, 1987, by then Governor Thomas Kean. During his tenure, Monmouth County waters supported a robust hard clam depuration and relay harvest which provided economic opportunities to New Jersey’s shellfishermen. Over his tenure on the Council, Mr. Hughes was also very active in ensuring access to all marine resources for New Jersey’s citizens and maintaining a viable shellfish industry.

Walter was 68 years old and leaves behind a loving wife, a son and a daughter. Please hold Walter's family, friends and colleagues in your thoughts and prayers.

New Jersey Division of Fish & Wildlife

Monday, March 11, 2019

Think It's All Over

I'm not going to bug Laurie by emailing her again about it, but I think the ice is unsafe by now. She wrote me a week ago that she pretty much expected ice fishing through this past weekend, and maybe that did happen, but as the very last of it all this season.

Joe Landolfi said Wednesday he would phone me tonight and we would arrange ice fishing on Hopatcong this coming Wednesday, but he hasn't called, probably because he figures the same. I told him Wednesday I'm definitely up for a try next year. Guess that's just my normal prescience.

It's late. Mid-March.

Matt says he wants to fly fish Wednesday.