Thursday, March 21, 2019

Building a Rod

This afternoon, throwing an inline spinner might have worked for bass. Even in the very shallow neighborhood pond, the water wouldn't have warmed much higher than the low to mid 40's, but 45 is my magic number when it comes to water temperature and possibly scoring this way.

Instead, I had to install fire alarms or pay a stiff Condo Association fine. Otherwise, I worked on building a microlight rod for trout, very deeply satisfying. The sanding of the solid graphite ice fishing blank. And it sure felt good to see that annoying green paint on the tip disappear.

Had to order a bristle brush to apply rod coating to the now bare blank; even though I finished off with wet 600 grain sandpaper, I want that nice shiny finish. Believe it or not, though, it does add a little weight, logically a detriment, but practically negligible.

Looking to Sunday as another day to throw a spinner, I'll probably spend time with my wife instead. And then there's a week from today. Twenty six in the morning forecast, 48 for a, not so good. If I were really enough of a diehard, I'd get out there and cast that spinner anyway.