Monday, March 12, 2012

Early Season Largemouth Bass Fishing Tips

Here in New Jersey largemouth bass can be caught on the surface with 2 1/2-inch Rebel Minnow plugs, which sit at a slight angle on a calm surface, twitched very slightly so the rear rises and lowers in water warmer than 47 degrees that isn't cooling. It may or may not happen, but has happened for me in ponds recently iced out while Lake Hopatcong still hosted ice fishermen, particularly in northeast corners of these waters that warm best. Of course, this year we had almost no ice. And with afternoon temperatures sustained in the 70's, a balsa Rapala would probably work now with its tighter action, straight surface posture, and fast rise to the top when jerked under and paused so it floats.

Spinnerbaits are great now. I like the Strike King Mini King in ponds. The small profile just seems to suit the time of year when bass may be reluctant to react as they will react soon. I've caught plenty of bass over two pounds on these eighth-ounce lures. In-line spinners buzz right by whatever bass are staging towards the shallows; a medium retrieve can draw them to follow and overcome those vibrating blades.

Even with another cold snap bass can be caught. I used to catch bass with water temperatures in the mid-40's or colder by slowly retrieving a Johnson Beetle Spin right on the bottom, the blade barely turning--ticking is the word for it. Largemouths will hit tube jigs dead sticked for up to half a minute before subtly moved forward. Sometimes the slightest twitches set those tentacles to just the right motion to entice a take.

New Jersey early season largemouth always gets underway in ponds first, since they warm first. If Lake Hopatcong is 46 degrees, a pond may be 10 degrees warmer. It's essentially the same wherever chilly springs feature the new season.


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    1. Thanks Frank. Just got out this morning on Lake Hopatcong. If we didn't dodge the thunderstorm, we likely would have caught a lot more smallmouths than we did, but then again, no one may have known, because we might have been dead.


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