Monday, April 16, 2012

Gateway National Recreation Area: "Are You Reelin' in the Years?"

It's getting near time to visit Sandy Hook Bay for a family outing and maybe some bluefish. Last year no one got a hit, and I didn't return to try again. The year before, blues were all over. When the blues are willing, metals are the quickest way to hook up. But once I noticed small blues around four pounds being caught on metals when I walked in. So I figured why not place a chunk of bunker on bottom and see what happens? I use a two-ounce bank sinker so it gets down fast, but drifts with incoming tidal current headed into Shrewsbury River. The hits are thrilling. Some think nothing beats teeth crashing into metal, but the feel of a blue taking bunker is firm and intimate. I caught one over seven, then hooked a blue much larger. It ran off 40 pound Power Pro, paused. I had just begun to gain line back when it tore off more, paused, then really bore out, and something popped. It actually broke the snap to my 30 pound test wire leader. I'm certain it was a blue by the power of the fight.

It's funny I find myself in a mood to level out some straightforward fishing information. I thought I might be otherwise tonight. The paragraph above represents a way I like to write, but I'm postive I'd go nuts if I limited myself to it. So Litton's Fishing Lines certainly recognizes that if it weren't for fishing, I wouldn't be a writer. At least I wouldn't be the writer I am; I began by writing for outdoor magazines at age 16. (More than writing, I fished.) 

I don't explain everything. I try not to upset the magic and mystery of language. I have a love for embedded propostions. Some blogger in Manhattan once remarked that he couldn't reference everything directly because of legal implications, but anyone could figure it out by going to other websites and cross referencing information.

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