Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Rainbow Trout: Choose Right Hooks!

Photographed my first rainbow of the year. So good to get out, walk through a wild space with a song sparrow calling to me with news of peace in the air. I don't write only about fishing. I write enormous volumes of material on all sorts of subjects onward from age 17. Sometimes the concern seems to weigh heavier than tungsten. If you dare to take such on and don't have a way to get some levity--you're going to lose it. As if what you consider is heavier than ground supporting you, you go though. And once that happens how do you get out?

I always have. But I recommend the likes to no one I know.

I only have to drive less than a mile to fish the AT&T bridges. I got there around sunset, and if it weren't for the loss of my size 14 hook, would have caught more than three rainbows on salmon eggs, missing hits from more. I did tie on a size 6 plain shank to observe differences. From hits on every cast, I went to one dubious tap for about a dozen drifts and quit.

Water's in good shape today. More rain's on the way. Next time I go, I hope I don't forget my size 14 hooks. I had my leader wallet, none in it. And I've given up on tying snells. Even with glasses my eyes aren't good enough. As a teen I enjoyed tying up a leader wallet full.

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