Monday, April 9, 2012

Pre-Spawn Largemouth Bass: Blues Clues as May Approaches for Better Fishing

 Felt like I had been thrown back a month or so. Last year I began fishing Mount Hope Pond after the first week in May. Many places look like early May now, but up here above Route 80 the trees aren't green as they are elsewhere. The wind came from the northwest so strongly that 59 degrees felt cold. My whole impression felt bleak and stripped away as if the wind stole my presence of mind.

I fished a Senko-type worm all of 15 minutes on the off chance a bass would hit while staging down below these shallows where they spawn.

The contrast to how I knew this place a year ago in May drove me back to my vehicle. For those of you who had two-year-olds about 10 years ago, I took out my Blues Clues "Handy Dandy Notebook" to write a paragraph, which lifted my mood. Then I read for a half hour as I ate lunch.

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