Sunday, April 15, 2012

Still Thinking of DeKorte Park Stripers, Rainbow Trout, but also Smallmouth Bass

Perhaps I'm looking forward to it: it's cool when tide is rushing out at DeKorte Park in the Meadowlands, leaving mud flats in the end. Stripers feed in the outflows from a flat slightly elevated above the lower. I just lost my drive this weekend. The park is a good hour away, and Garden State Parkway, Route 3, and so on is a challenge. I drive about 150 miles a day for my job through all sorts of busy chaos, but this is part of the reason I can sometimes just not want to deal with thousands of explosive gasoline engines roaring like dinosaurs. 

On the other hand, I've driven to the Meadowlands on a weekday after work, and often to the shore and as far down as Seaside evenings after work, too. From Bedminster, Seaside is about a 140-mile round trip. When I do these after work jaunts, they never have affected me as overdrawn.

Tide chart shows me I have to wait until next week. Maybe just as well. Rainbows should be stocked in the North Branch Wednesday, so if water levels rise, I'll probably have some fun with salmon eggs. 

Now that Route 206/202 bridge is not stocked, my favorite spot to drift eggs has few trout. And the crowed at AT&T seems to be larger now that no one stops at 206. Why did they stop stocking at the bridge? Did they just say "What the hell, it's easier not to bother?" Did Verizon complain about parked vehicles? 

To tell you the truth, I may not bother to fish trout this week. I went down to the river today at 206/202 easily within walking distance just to contemplate it, and I thought best of smallmouth bass anyway. Smallmouth bass are wild and uncomplicated by agency decisions or sloth, and never attract such rudeness in a crowd as referenced in a post recently.

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