Thursday, May 24, 2012

Steady Breeze, Clouds and Sun, Round Valley Reservoir Bass

For an hour and 15 minutes bass fishing Round Valley Reservoir this afternoon, the one constant was a steady 15-mph breeze. Clouds threatening showers alternated with sunlight; the whole situation felt fishy when I walked down the bank to take position. I caught the bass photographed on the second cast, two others, lost a nice bass to a weakened knot, and missed two other hits never moving my feet from where I planted them. All of these but one hit in about eight feet of water. The other hit way out over 15 feet or more; it struck well before worm touched bottom. I felt determined today because I know bass at least close to four pounds frequent the area right where I stood.

The light Chompers worm (seven inch) caught the first and second bass, but I switched to a Senko-type shortly after, rigging it Texas style but without any weight. This of course made the difference both for casting and keeping the bow out of the line in that wind. Interesting to have tried snapping the worm off bottom so it plummets head-down back. One of the hits I missed came when I decided to reel in fast, then abruptly stopped retrieve. When I tightened, the bass was on and I goofed up. Everything new takes practice--that's why a lot of people refuse to do anything different, because that would show them up. This quick retrieve/stop action is a method I have thought would work for a long time, and today it did. Not that I've tried it a whole lot, but the Senko-type has quick action built in and seems best for this.  

Last 10 minutes spent along the rocks, I realized this is not the last of my Round Valley forays this spring after all (I was dying to catch a big bass today). Gates close on Ranger Cove and the west side of the pond on Memorial Day, but not the rocks, and they're worth fishing at least through most of June.

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