Thursday, June 7, 2012

Gallery of Fishing Wear: Clothes Say so Much and so Little

What does this gray-toned photo make you feel? Going through fish photos, it caught my eye to immediately comfort, just the opposite of a shiver of repulsion for the cold and seemingly lifeless light.

Evaluations come from perspectives. Late fall and low light have yielded us so many good fish that my unhesitant feeling felt enlivened in a very comfortable way by my glance at the picture. I see it from the point-of-view of our good times. The red jacket is like a splash of cheer Matt's facial expression hints at.

The next photo below fell into the pattern for this blog post (I just opened a hard copy photo album to see what it would present me). That's me fishing a trout stream--loaded with native brookies--below Mt. Washington in New Hampshire a few summers ago. I look like such a goof! Why would I bring that shirt to go fishing? I look exactly like a guy who would shiver with repulsion at the photo above.

Finally in our dress gallery, my son has no hat on and his hood off because it was mild. (I have some pictures that feature his face completely covered ice fishing at a degree or two above zero.)

Chips Ahoy! He's eating a cookie.

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