Friday, July 13, 2012

Florida for Two Weeks: Fish and Read up in Meantime

Since early April, I've blogged daily with few exceptions. And the plan was to take  my lap top to the Keys, but I couldn't find information about wifi on Big Pine, and my son is adament that I lay off the blogging on vacation so that we just flow with it and put all our needed mental detail to fishing and searching for reptiles, what they call herping. He insists we bring no computers even if wifi is available, and I comply in part because this is an amazing request coming from his generation. It's evident that my exposing him to the real world has actually worked, not that he is not a whiz with these machines and mere representations of reality we call virtual.

Who would have thought there would come a day when people who much of the time live in realty became rare, and most make contact from behind screens? If they make real personal contact at all, perhaps it is contact only with artificial products--digital keyboard, eyes on the screen, etc., etc., to the point that when they step outside, their senses never really come out of such artificial conditionings. Well, in the 19th century, wealthy women wore white gloves a lot, rather than to touch anything directly. 

In the 70's we thought they were absurd prudes. Not that everyone's become a girly guy.

So while I'm away for about two weeks--plenty of photos almost guaranteed on return: baracuda, amberjack maybe, maybe tarpon, shark, groupers, snappers--you can explore my archives if you want. They're to the right, just click. Most posts directly address you on how to go about catching fish and/or by thematic account for specific outings. A few pieces really take liberty on themes that go beyond fishing, but fishing always grounds the abstraction, because it's what I do to come to my senses.

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